Pet Dental Health

Why should your pet have a dental cleaning?

Professional dental cleanings are just as important to your pet, as they are to us. Pets get plaque build up, bad breath and periodontal disease. Periodontal disease causes inflammation and infection around the teeth, which then leads to the accumulation of bacteria. This bacterium can lead to heart disease, kidney disease and to the loss of the tooth.

Our dentals include: Anesthesia, IV fluids, pulse oximeter monitoring, Bair Hugger patient warming, scaling of the teeth to remove calculus and soft plaque followed by polishing which smoothes the surface of the teeth. Each tooth is also probed to make sure there are no pockets or root exposure which may lead to tooth extraction. To complete the dental, a fluoride treatment is done and OraVet sealant is applied.  The sealant makes it difficult for bacteria to cling to the teeth. Your pet is also given an antibiotic injection and pain injection if needed. We also perform digital dental radiographs, when needed, as well as extractions. Pets go home with a week's worth of antibiotics and pain meds if extractions are done. Each dental that is performed will include a free "dental prevention kit", which includes pamphlets, finger brush and toothpaste, DH food (sample of dental diet), chew toy, and a dental report on your pet.

Call us to schedule an appointment for your pets' dental. This is also a great time to have your pets' pre-anesthetic blood work done as we may need to adjust the anesthetic protocol based off the blood work.

Remember that your pets depend on us to have a healthy smile!


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