Spay And Neuter

Since 1956, Bay Animal Hospital has been an advocate for the health and well being of animals in our community.

We are concerned over low cost sterilization clinics with traveling Veterinarians and would like the community to understand how these surgeries are performed by our doctors and trained staff. In particular, we have seen a higher number of surgical complications, than normally expected, in patients that have gone to the traveling low cost surgeons. These complications have included inadequate post-surgical pain control, infected and inflamed incisions, and recently 2 patients passed away at home shortly after their surgery. Most animals have been sent home with no post-op pain medications after these major procedures, which we find unacceptable.

The following demonstrates how surgical procedures are done at Bay Animal Hospital:

  • Gas anesthesia is used
  • Blood work is highly recommended for patients under 6 and required for geriatric patients
  • Patients are operated on individually with new sterile supplies and packs for each procedure
  • Anesthesia is performed and monitored by our Licensed Veterinary Technicians
  • Pain medicine is given prior to and post surgery (non steroidal anti inflammatory & opiates)
  • Patients are kept warm by the use of heated surgery tables and heating blankets (Bair Hugger), depending on the procedure
  • Surgery is done by laser, thus reducing the risk of infection, less bleeding and quicker recovery
  • Complimentary nail trim while pet is under anesthesia
  • Recovery is monitored by our Licensed Veterinary Technicians
  • Pain medications go home with each patient for after care
  • Pet is kept overnight to be monitored and assured that activity level is minimal
  • Pet owners are welcome to tour the surgery suite where their pet's surgery will be performed
  • Our trained staff will handle the scheduling of appointments and aftercare for the patients

Most pet owners mistakenly think these surgeries are performed exactly the same at all veterinary hospitals. Pet owners should be encouraged to ask questions about the specifics of how their pet's procedure will be performed before making their decision.

Bay Animal doctors and staff are dedicated to quality health care for pets and quality service to our clients. As each pet deserves our full, undivided attention, we will reserve the right to limit the number of surgeries we do each day.

Our entire team is committed to care and compassion for our patients and clients.


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