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Looking to spay or neuter your pet?

 Check out our Wellness Package!  


A part of our laser surgery package will include a full physical exam prior to anesthesia. Electronic and hands on monitoring by our doctors and licensed veterinary technicians, heated surgery tables for your pets anesthesia safety, trained emergency responding, IV catheter for every patient to ensure best anesthesia safety, and an overnight stay with pain medications. Our trained staff of course gives extra love and care following surgery in our warm and quiet recovery ward. 

Take home pain medications are included in the price.

The following vaccinations and testing are included in the wellness package plan:

VACCINATIONS: (Included in wellness pckg price)

Dogs: ONE Distemper- Parvo and One Rabies vaccine

Cats: ONE Distemper-Respiratory and One Rabies vaccine

TESTING: (Included in wellness pckg price)

Dogs: Heartworm testing if needed, stool sample testing and deworming

Cats: FELV/FIV testing if needed , stool sample testing and deworming


DOG PRICING: Female $309      Male $299

CAT PRICING: Female $279      Male  $210

**If your female dog is over 60 pounds there will be a $2 per pound surcharge added to the wellness pckg. price.**

Additional Elective Procedures that are NOT included in the wellness plan price:  
Laser front declaw, Laser four paw declaw, HomeAgain Microchip, Post op Laser Therapy, and Dental Extractions

Blood testing is recommended prior to anesthesia. Although this does not guarantee the absence of complications it may greatly reduce the risk as well as identify medical conditions that could need treatment in the future.

  • Pre-surgical chemistry $39.00 (with surgery) recommended for pets 5 and under.
  • Pre-surgical chemistry with CBC &Electrolytes $82.00 (with surgery) recommended for pets over 6 years of age

Reminders: **If your puppy or kitten has only had a first vaccine it will need at least one additional booster in approximately one month to be adequately vaccinated** Additional boosters are not covered in the wellness price.

Feline Leukemia vaccine, Canine Bordetella and Lyme vaccine are not covered in the wellness price.
**Prices subject to change







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